Hi, my name is

Forhad Hosen

Branding & WordPress Developer

I'm an expert in bringing brands
to life digitally.

I'm an expert in bringing brands to life digitally.

About me

I’m a WordPress developer & Upwork certified brand identity designer based in Bangladesh, with a rich experience in website & brand design. I’m also very good at designing all graphic elements.

I am working as a professional brand & web developer in this field for about 7 long years and with having a strong background in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress, Web Design, Brand Identity Design & Print Design. The best part is that I have earned

a top-rated plus badge & brand identity skill certificate from Upwork. Also earned exceptional creative knowledge by practicing tirelessly over these years and can produce unique peace of designs which can easily attract the customers as my work is deceptively simple and remarkable. 

As a seasoned designer/developer with years of experience, I help clients establish their brands with my creative touch and make sure that everyone whom I work with is happy with the final result. I help brands stand out from their competitors, by my unique approach of revolutionizing and keeping abreast with the latest design trends.

What I do

Every service I offer has one purpose: to turn total strangers into loyal customers. Explore the categories below to learn more about what I do, see some of what I’ve done.

UI/UX Design

The most important aspect of the design is to successfully communicate information. The message itself is determined by you, but the design is a vital factor in just how the message is perceived by the target audience.

Web Development

As a full-stack developer, I focus on complex functionality to address your budding business needs. Whenever you are in need to create a fully custom website you can count and rely on us.

Brand Design

Solve your identity crisis with brand names, logos, positioning platforms and guidelines for cohesive brand strategies & a unified image.


You are welcome to see some of my previous work. I hope you'd be satisfied and make a good relationship.


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